House Manual – Community Be Good Helps Haiti

NO SMOKING PERMITTED IN THE HOUSE OR IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE We are a SMOKE FREE guesthouse! Our neighbors are also smoke free so if you are a smoker please go either across the street or down the block to 5th ave.

WE RECYCLE. CBG Guest House we try our best to be earth friendly and have a specific recycling system. We have separate bins for paper, hard plastic, food waste only, soft plastic, and food on containers. Everything is clearly labeled and we give you a quick orientation upon arrival.

Thank you in advance of being mindful of electricity and turning off lights and any electric kitchen appliances after use. And be sure that shower and sinks are fully turned off to save water.

CBG Guest House has an extensive library of books that you are welcome to borrow. Please return books where you found them, upon your departure.

KEY DEPOSIT There is a $25.00 cash key deposit for each set of keys. The $25.00 deposit will be returned when keys are returned.

CLEANING Our mantra in the kitchen: Wash it. Dry it. Put it away. When cooking clean up after yourselves to completion. We also have a dishwasher. Feel free to rinse your dirty dishes and place neatly in the dishwasher when you have finished your meal. NOTE: it’s best to wash pots, pans and chopsticks by hand.

BATHROOMS Please be sure to clean up after yourselves after using the restrooms.

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